Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feelings of shame and guilt arise for most people when they first get sober. As the person begins to become clear minded again, they begin to realize the wreckage that they left behind them. Their new found sobriety leaves them with the clarity to recognize that relationships with loved ones were damaged or lost, careers destroyed, opportunities missed, academic failure, and the list could go on forever. These experiences if utilized correctly can fuel an individual's desire to find sobriety. It may also lead to a lot o shame and guilt over how we have conducted ourselves. It is very easy for addicts and alcoholics to fall into self-pity and feel hopeless about their situation. "Is it too late for me?" "Will I ever be able to get out of this hole?" "Will people ever forgive me?" "I have done so much harm to others; do I deserve to be sober?" The shame and guilt alcoholics and addicts experience may lead them to fall into this slippery thought process. These experience become part of the newly sober individuals "first step". The first step is the admission of a problem. In order of the person to remain sober, they first must believe that they have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol.

By identifying the unmanageability, that was direct by product of my addiction, the individual will begin to understand that recovery is the only plausible solution to restoring order in their life. The person will commence the remaining recovery process. The person will develop a relationship with a power greater than their self, take an inventory of their life and relationships, identify the flaws in their character, take responsibility for the wrongs we have done to others, and learn to help other people with their recovery.

The pain that is created in active addiction is often the fuel for our recovery. All though it is difficult to look at and walk through those feelings, those feelings remind young adult addicts why addiction is not a healthy option. It may seem like an overwhelming process for the newly sober alcoholic or addict. But it is important to know that they do not have to experience that process alone. Substance Abuse treatment can provide a safe and supportive environment for young adults to begin the recovery process. Having a safe place to get sober and people who understand recovery will make it easier to work through the initials challenges of getting sober.


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