Wednesday, December 25, 2013

There has always been much confusion about alcoholism treatment. One of the most common questions that alcoholics are asking is: Does alcoholism treatment work?

Throughout the history of the world, there are documented cases of alcohol use and, in many instances, documented cases of sheer abuse, which can easily be transported back to modern times and in our daily lives right now.

Alcohol - A Force That Does NOT Play Favorites!

While alcohol can be a pleasant social stimulant, it can also be a hideous and destructive force that does not play favorites. So, if this drug has been causing so much havoc over such a long period in our history, why are we still using it? In true fashion, human beings are an interesting mixture of self-preservation and self-destruction, dosed with a healthy amount of denial when necessary, which means that when it comes to alcohol - we just don't get it.

While it is, of course, true that not every person who drinks is an alcoholic, it is also true that there has never been a true medical or other type of legitimate reason for "needing" a drink- except to feel more "mellow and relaxed" or to "escape" and, in fact, alcohol has gained huge approval socially - which has seriously removed its taboo factor. Having said this, alcohol seems to be here to stay and it is up to all of us to deal with this fact AND the fallout that is associated with having booze so readily available to everyone.

The CDC estimates that currently 50% of adults in the US are regular drinkers with 14% of adults being infrequent drinkers - this means that 64% of the population has at least 1 drink per year and while the CDC does not offer statistics on the number of alcoholics, it would appear that approximately 10% of adults in the US are alcoholics.

Suffering Pain Through Alcoholism

While to some, these may simply be numbers, to others, these numbers actually have faces and names - they are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters and sisters and brothers. Being an alcoholic is not a solitary affair - not only do you hurt yourself, but you also hurt everyone around you who loves you. So, really, that number of 10% should be multiplied to reflect the true pain alcoholism causes families and loved ones.

Unfortunately, alcoholism cannot be cured, however, alcoholism treatment is possible and for many, that option is scarier than having that next drink. Indeed, recovery and alcoholism treatment from alcohol addiction, or any type of addiction, requires courage and a strong, strong support system. People in treatment are very, very brave because to them, living without their drug of choice now has to face all the pain and fear that drove them to drink in the first place - but it is very possible!

Treatment Is Truly An Option

Thankfully, there are many alcoholism treatment options available which have proven to arrest the disease. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, you are encouraged to get help - for them and for yourself. All of these options for alcoholism treatment is confidential and/or anonymous. Remember that many people have been where you are and have survived to tell about it. Never despair.


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