Saturday, December 14, 2013

You have many options available to you on your path to alcohol addiction recovery. There are traditional treatment programs and aftercare services. However, there are also less known alternative recovery options that can help you maintain sobriety.

Traditional programs include treatment centers. Residential treatment centers are perfect for teenagers. Adults who do not have a support system can benefit froma residential treatment center. Other inpatient programs can help alcohol dependent individuals, particularly hospital-based services. If you have to go through detox, a hospital inpatient program is ideal because medical professionals are on hand to help you through the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Outpatient programs may be more suitable if you have a job or other daily responsibilities. Outpatient programs help you maintain sobriety through individual and group counseling. The program is your life line to recovery. It helps you deal with problems on a daily or weekly basis as you rebuild your relationships.

Outdoor therapy programs are available for teenagers and adults. These programs integrate outdoor physical activities in the recovery process. You learn to appreciate nature while developing team building skills. You begin to take responsibility for your actions and learn how your actions impact others. This helps you understand the impact of alcohol abuse on your relationships. Your self-esteem improves through achievement of physical challenges.

You have your choice of religious-based and secular programs. If it is important for you to reaffirm your faith or to establish a relationship with a higher power, religious-based programs may be the best option for you. Secular programs allow you to heal yourself before you start contemplating your spirituality.

A new trend in alcohol addiction recovery is online counseling and social networks. Most web sites dedicated to recovery communities usually charge a membership fee to join. Others require payment if you want to ask a specific question. Some sites are more of a social network for support while others actually create treatment plans for members. These sites are great for ongoing distance support. If you decide to use this option, be sure the site is managed by a certified addiction counselor.

Twelve-step programs such as AA remain popular options for alcohol addiction recovery. These are community-based groups that provide ongoing support to members. Regardless of the option you choose, by participating in a treatment or support program, you have a better chance of achieving recovery and maintaining sobriety.


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